Monday, May 9, 2011


I love this video... It totally sounds like me when ordering!

Shame on me!

I guess the ~Slacker Award~ goes to me when it comes to blogging.  I have been busy though with the job hunt and quilt making.

Still don't have a job yet but I did sell one of my quilts!  I also set up an Etsy account... You can see the link on the right side bar of my blog... ItsyBitsyQuilts :)  Go ahead... Take a look!
This quilt sold!!

Here are the other quilts I have completely finished and listed to sell...

I have decided to stick with crib/baby size quilts.  They are much funner (<--- Don't think that's a word, lol) to do when it comes to colors and patterns!

So as you can see, I've been busy.  I almost have another one done :)  Going to work on that today.

But, on a sad note, my boyfriend is out of town for a month... He left yesterday and I miss him so much already.  Although, if I keep myself busy with quilting then I won't think about it too much... Except for dinner time, bed time, packing his lunch, lol... Who am I kidding... I can't keep my mind off of him regardless of what I do!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On a Roll!

Here is the 3rd quilt I have completely 100% done :)  A true American Patchwork Quilt :)  (like they used to make back in the day, lol)
Large Patchwork Quilt showing some of the backing

Top of the Patchwork Quilt

Monday, March 21, 2011

Second quilt finished

This is the second one I have completely done!  It's the size for a crib or a baby.  I love it!
(the backing is a dark purple)


Why is it that men (most of them anyway) don't think housework is a full time job?  Anyone who cooks, cleans, does laundry, takes care of kids/dogs knows that it's a full time job.  I bust my ass every day to keep a clean house with two shedding dogs and to get no appreciation for it is very upsetting.  Especially when my other half thinks I only work about 20 hours throughout the week in the house to keep it clean!  And weekends?  I don't get a weekend!  Yeah, he works 40 hours a week... I work 40 hours + without a day off.  He gets 3 days off and doesn't even lift a finger to help.  Nope, according to him since I don't have a paying job, it's my job to wait on him hand and foot and clean his castle every single day.  I'm really starting to feel like a maid... Not an equal... Not a girlfriend...

Sorry for my b*tchy attitude... I just needed to vent a little.  I guess I'll play dirty and leave his clothes for him to wash, he can wash his own dishes that he uses, he can pack his own lunch and start his own pickup before work and he can get his own glass of water.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I finally did it...

I finally finished my first ever ~100% done~ quilt!  It's such a great feeling :)

I had originally made this one for our bed but I didn't measure before I got my fabric.  It will fit a Twin bed nicely though with over-hang.  I think I'm going to do some research and see about selling some of my quilts on Etsy for sure :)

Have a great day all!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm such a slacker...

I have been slacking on my blog here lately.  Yet, I've been extremely busy with life, lol.

Here is a short~but~sweet update on me (like anyone truly cares)

1 ~  I had a job interview last week.  I think it went good.  It was a group interview (first time for me, lol) so I was a little nervous but... We shall see!  Wish me luck all!  They aren't hiring right yet but they will be within the next few months.

2 ~  I've been quilting, quilting and quilting, lol.  I have another one done (pic coming soon) and another one in progress :)  Well, I guess I shouldn't say they are done.  Only the fronts are.  I still need to do the batting and the backing.

3 ~  I've been busy with housework (like always) and now starting to get busy with the yard work... Joy.  The weather was nice a while back but now it's gone to crap again.  Yard work, for now, can wait.  We did have quite the snow storm last week.  It actually broke one of our trees in the backyard... Good thing it didn't land on the house or the neighbors fence, lol!
The landlord will be coming over sometime to see about taking the whole tree down.  It would be wise considering it looks to be splitting into three sections... with the first section down.  The other two sections WILL hit the house and the neighbors fence.

4 ~  Still debating with Kris about the dogs... We talk about it, then we forget about it.  Progress is little.  So, looks like we are going to keep them and do our best to feed them and ourselves, lol.  Dogs come first to me though.  I would rather go hungry then to feed them.  They're like my kids :)

So, that's my update  :)  I've pretty much been slacking on my blog but I've been pretty busy with life.  I hope you all are doing great!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Number 4

Here is the 4th quilt I've done.  I still need to get them all finished up. The middles (the quilting stuff, lol) and the backing.  Then, I need to decide who's getting which one or if I'm going to try to sell them :)

Take great care all!  Until next time :)